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Making your own website using Wix or Voog is always an option, but not often the best. Such platforms make it really easy to create decent websites but they lack the option to really personalize the website to suit your business needs. Such websites usually look average at best and follow a strict design template. They also have a variety of restrictions and complicated pricing plans where as we only charge once and for the finished solution.

In order for the world to see your website it needs to be hosted on a server that users can refer to through a domain name (e.g You can order a domain from a variety of providers (e.g Veebimajutus). It is important to note that domain names must be reserved and paid for (~12€ a year). In addition to the domain, hosting providers also charge monthly fees (up to €50) a month to keep your website available to the general public. We can also provide hosting for a monthly fee, the rest of the services, such as creating & designing a website, only cost a one time fee.

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