Search Engine Optimization

Veebisaidi haldamisel on oluline muuta oma veebisait külastaja jaoks atraktiivseks, kuid sama oluline on muuta see atraktiivseks ka otsingumootorite jaoks, mis igapäevaselt internetti indekseerivad. Veebisaidi optimeerimine otsingumootorite jaoks tagab, et teie leht on Google’i, Yahoo ja teiste otsingumootorite otsingutulemites kõrgemal kohal.

Recognizing Scam Emails

Online fraud can have many different forms and faces and some of the most common online scams today are ran through suspicious email campaigns. Such campaigns aim to trick the victim into clicking suspicious links or transferring money to the culprit through various psychological tricks. In this article we will look at several examples of scam campaigns, analyze how to detect a scam email and take a deeper look into the operations of such scam campaigns.

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