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When creating an online store, you need to decide what on the payment options your store will be providing. Is it wise to develop them yourself or should existing solutions be used? In the following blog post, we will look at how to choose between different service providers and find the most suitable payment solution for your web business.

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Integration of payment solutions

In general, it is not wise to develop payment solutions for your online store. This is mainly due to time and money constraints. Additionally, security standards must be ensured, which are also audited, as we are dealing with payment services .

It's more efficient to use a payment module from a known service provider and leave the development and security problems to them. Such services in Estonia are offered, by Maksekeskus and Montonio. Examples of international popular payment providers include Paypal and Stripe. However, these payment modules also earn revenue from your transactions.

Local payment modules provide users with bank links. Bank links allow customers to make convenient, credit-free payments through local banks. In addition, customers should be offered a credit card payment option. This ensures that payments can also be made by international customers.

All the above modules are available for popular content management systems as well as custom solutions.


We've already introduced the Payment Center in blog posts on online stores and in this post, we’ll focus more on development opportunities.

The payment center offers developers tools, which allows you to set up a Payment Center payment module in your web application. It is possible to exercise test payments and look at how payments flow through the system.

Everything a developer needs is available Payment center documentation.


Montonio is a service provider that provides Baltic bank links and international card payments as a module, which can be easily integrated into popular content management systems such as WordPress, Magneto and PrestaShop.

Montonio offers tools ka developers and thus it can also be interfaced with web applications.

A special feature of Montonio is their price list, where a fixed amount (5 cents) is charged for each transaction, not a percentage of the transaction.


Stripe is international a payment service provider whose services can be integrated into the website of virtually any online merchant. Stripe services are used by international clients, for example Booking and Shopify

Stripe is a reliable and universal option for credit payments. 

Stripe provides modules for WordPress, Magneto, Drupal, and other content management systems. Stripe also provides tools for developers, and documentation is available here .

Stripe doesn't offer local bank links, so it's not a good choice for a local market. Stripe is more suitable for the international market.

The choice of choosing the service provider should be made to suit you in terms of the contract, interface convenience and price list relationship. 

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