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An online store is a great way to expand a retail store or test new products. With the help of an online store, it is possible to start offering products to a larger audience, expand the range of payment options and also offer a home delivery services. But how does the technical solution of an online store look like and how to start your own online business?

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An online store

An online store is a web application that can provide customers with an optimal shopping experience for the selection, ordering and delivery process. An online store can also automate parts of a marketing campaing by offering discounts on certain products and issuing coupons. The simplest technical solution for running an online store is to use the content management system WordPress and the plugin WooCommerce .


Programming an online store from scratch would take a huge amount of time and effort. WooCommerce is a plugin for the WordPress content management system that allows you to set up an online store in a breeze. The end result can be easily modified by non-technical personnel. You can add products, choose between different payment solutions and set up local delivery options.


Maksekeskus is the largest payment service provider in the Baltics and has the great advantage of providing bank links for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. Card payments are available globally. Using their module, it is possible to make purchases in your online store through banks operating in Estonia, such as SEB, SwedBank and LHV. Providing bank links is essential for customer experience if the products are targeted at the local market.


WooCommerce itself does not provide any payment options, but interfaces with existing systems such as Paypal, Stripe and Maksekeskus. Similarly for the delivery options. WooCommerce offers a platform to set them up, but the delivery process must be provided using an external solution such as Maksekeskus’s shipping service. This means external contracts with Maksekeskus and any other services (Stripe / Paypal) that you intend to use in the store.

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