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Today, mobile applications or apps are a modern way to offer their users fast and convenient access to business services via a smartphone. What is needed to develop one mobile application, and in which cases is it reasonable to develop a mobile application?

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What is a mobile app?

A mobile application is user interface coded usually for Android or Apple iOS. These operating systems are used in almost all smartphones.

The purpose of the mobile application is to provide users with access to the company's services through smartphone. A mobile app usually comes with business logic web application (API) that communicates with the mobile application.

Benefits of a mobile application

It makes sense to start developing a mobile application if the company wants to direct services for mobile users. You like Airbnb, Booking, Instagram and also an Estonian company RendIn has focused all its marketing on the mobile application, as the target group is mobile users.

The biggest advantage of a mobile application is fast and personalized communication end users. In today's information society, a person spends more time on a smartphone than in front of a computer. It is possible to route operatively via a smartphone personal offers and simplify the customer’s path to the product. An example is all fast food apps (McDonald's, Hesburger, Burger King). The aforementioned apps also offer loyalty programs, where frequent use of the app will later result in a bonus (eg free coffee / bread).

Mobile application development can also be recommended technical advantages, which can benefit the company's product:

Disadvantages of the mobile application

Developing a single mobile application is not a small business at all and a lot of investment is required time and money. This is especially true if the company's product or service is in its infancy and has not yet been developed. Over the years, a decent app can cost millions.

  • App development is expensive because it needs to be developed for different operating system versions
  • Necessary to comply with the requirements of Google Play and the Apple Store and pay percentage surcharges
  • Innovation, development and administrative costs grow rapidly as the app increases

In summary, the biggest disadvantage of a mobile application is the time and money spent on the development. Before you start developing, you should think about the purpose for which the app will be developed. Can the goal be achieved by other means?

Solution: Mobile-friendly website

When a company's products and services are targeted primarily web application users, app development is unlikely necessary. Instead, it could be offered to mobile users mobile friendly web application.

Alternatively, it is possible to build simple app, which packs simply a web page or web application.

An app is also not necessary for a simple website only advertising their services and products. Instead the website must be made mobile-friendly.

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