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The world relies more and more on cloud services every day, which is why we will explore the meaning and possibilities of the cloud in the next blog post. We list the most popular cloud service providers and also describe the SaaS business model that can be implemented through cloud services.

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The Cloud

The cloud can be a rented server, which can be accessed by an internet connection. When renting a cloud service, the cloud service provider provides virtual access to the leased server space and, depending on the conditions of the service provider, it is possible to start using it, for example. flyer, web application, blogs or some sell for the project.

For cloud operations, the client does not have to deal with physically installing computers and network connection. It is also possible to continuously increase or decrease the cloud thanks to virtualization software performance, disk space and other parameters. Physically, however, this server is likely to be located in some large in the data center and the physical side manage cloud service providers.

There are currently three of the world's largest cloud providers Microsoft (Azure Cloud), Google (GCP) and Amazon (Amazon EC2).

Cloud space

A popular use for the cloud is file management, that is, if the company wants its documents digitally and centrally to deposit and to manage, then the cloud is a good choice for this. It is possible to rent enough disk space and share cloud access for all your employees. This way, all documents are always for all employees available

Cloud providers provide data backup, availability and storage security. The data is usually backed up across several regions to protect against major natural disasters.

In addition, it is also possible to set rolle and access rights as required. Such a service is offered, for example Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Storage or DropBox.

Computing performance

Cloud providers have bought a lot together computer components (processors, random access memory) and connected them together computer clusters. As a service, they lease the computing power of their computer clusters.

What should a company that needs to process on a large scale data and missing adequate infrastructure? It is not sensible to start buying large infrastructure for temporary data processing. You just need a solution computing power by cloud service providers to buy in

Such services are used, for example, by researchers who need to carry out calculations and data processing as part of a project, or by smaller companies that do not have their own infrastructure.

Cloud computing services offer, for example Microsoft (Azure Cloud) and Amazon (EC2 Cloud).

SaaS business model

Finally, let's introduce SaaS (Software as a Service) business model in which the developed software is installed cloud and is rented users. If the company wants out web application to start to sell no service, it is the most convenient it to install cloud.

The SaaS business model is used a lot, some of the more popular are for example Slack, Canva and Microsoft Office 365 cloud services. Also, the SaaS business model is actually used by all cloud service providers themselves, as they sell cloud services through their web applications.

Cloud services can also be used in other types of business models, more talked about in CloudFlare evil or in the following video.


Cloud services allow all users to access the same files and applications because computing and storage takes place on data center servers. 

Service providers are responsible for data center servers administration, community and security providing the customer with instantly running virtual server space.

The cloud can be used to implement different types of ICT business models, digital storage of documents and ordering computing performance. There are many opportunities for both large and small companies.

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