Mobile friendly websites

Nowadays, the vast majority of customers surf the web on their smartphones. Therefore, it would be wise for the website owner or operator to provide a mobile-friendly website. In the following blog article, we will explore how to ensure a comfortable user experience on your website, even for visitors with smaller screens.

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How to ensure mobile friendliness?

A mobile-friendly website can also serve the website’s content to screens smaller than monitors. Depending on the technical solution of your website, there are different methods to ensure mobile friendliness.

If you used a content management system (such as WordPress) to build your website, the easiest way to ensure mobile friendliness is to buy a license for a mobile-friendly design theme, such as Elementor and Enfold .

If your website's technical solution does not use a content management system or you want more design options, the Bootstrap design framework may be helpful.


Elementor is one of the world's most popular design themes for WordPress. Elementor provides users with a wide range of mobile-friendly design elements, so mobile-friendliness is automatically included.

In addition, Elementor provides a visual element editor that also allows non-developers to design the website. If you need custom solutions, you can programmatically expand Elementor.


Like Elementor, Enfold is a mobile-friendly design theme for WordPress. Enfold also offers mobile-friendly design elements and a visual element editor. Mobile friendliness comes automatically.

When choosing a design theme, the element editor provided by the theme and the design elements themselves should be taken into account. All design themes are built similarly, only the number of design elements and the choices offered differ.

Design themes are often chosen according to demo pages.

You can find a larger selection of design topics and demos built on them on the page ThemeForest.

Design framework Bootstrap

If your website doesn’t use a popular content management system or doesn’t adequately cover your design needs, you might want to consider the Bootstrap design framework.

Bootstrap is the world 's most popular mobile - friendly design framework used by most of the world' s web applications. Bootstrap offers ready programmed building blocks, using which there are essentially no design restrictions.

Bootstrap is designed primarily for developers and designers, non-developers are unlikely to be able to set-up and use Bootstrap. Bootstrap also does not provide a visual element editor like Enfold and Elementor do. Bootstrap is a good choice if your site is managed by developers.

To summarize, unless you need very specific design choices, we recommend that you obtain a license for a design theme that works for you. If your website's technical solution doesn't use a content management system or special solutions are needed we recommend the Bootstrap design framework.

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